Vie de la vigne — 08.29.2017

Some fresh news about our harvest !

The harvest time has come 14 days in advance, compare to last year. An earliness, similar to the year 2003, which is due to climatic conditions: “ A warm and dry summer, an important sunshine with a small need of water. All those aspects have boosted the grapes maturity.”

Moreover, in order to preserved the aromas, the winegrowers are working from 4 a.m for about 10 days now. “ The night work allows us to keep freshness. We avoid the oxidation risks and the grapes quality is safe”. Some essential precautions in order to preserve the sanitary states of our grapes.
Since they the reach the winery, the follow the stripping stage which consist on taking off the vegetal part; the peduncle of the grape. Then comes the pressing in order to extract the jus and finally, the fermentation stage.
When comes the tasting of Chardonnay and Sauvignon first jus, the aromas reveal themselves to promise nice millesimals:
“ On the palate, the white wines offer a subtle balance with rather sweet jus and a low acidity. The rosés are also full of promises with their nice bluish glints and a concentration of the berries that offers a nice acidity.” Even though, this year the rate of harvest is smaller, the qualitative level is excellent. Come to meet us in few months our 2017 millesimals will surprise you !
Nathalie D.